.....Founded in March 2000 as an MIT start-up company, TagSense was originally formed as a developer of innovative low cost RFID and sensor technologies for the toy industry. Building on its experience with low-cost design and electromagnetic materials, TagSense has since grown to provide RFID technology and consulting services to a wide variety of industries and companies worldwide. TagSense currently has offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it maintains facilities for electronics prototyping, antenna design, and electromagnetic testing.

..... While TagSense has designed and built RFID systems at all commercial frequencies from Hz to GHz, its core expertise is the combination of RFID, sensors, and materials. For more information on the TagSense technology portfolio, please view our Technology Page.

..... Although RFID is an old technology (invented in early 1970s), it is only in the past few years that the RFID industry has begun to grow beyond just a few small niche markets. Despite over-optimistic media hype, the reality is that a great deal of innovation, development, and standardization is still required to realize the vision of ubiquitous RFID in many industries. Furthermore, with over a trillion barcodes, and over 10 billion EAS labels in use today, there is certainly a need for a practical migration path from present-day systems to future systems using predominantly chip-based RFID. Many RFID applications are yet to be discovered and explored.

.....With a commitment to technical excellence as well as practical scalable solutions, TagSense is working to create enabling technologies for the next-generation RFID systems.

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