Chipless RFID





.....Because Chipless RFID tags do not contain a chip or electronic circuit, and thus store information purely in the electromagnetic materials which comprise the tag. Since the absence of an electronic circuit makes it more difficult to store information in a compact area, chipless RFID tags are generally limited to a data capacity of less than 32 bits, although in some cases more bits are possible.
For many applications, such as identifying classes of objects, a large ID string is not necessary. In this case, where only a few dozen or a few hundred different IDs are required, a chipless RFID tag can be used.
TagSense has significant experience with several patented classes of chipless RFID tags including:

Magnetoelastic resonant materials (magnetostricitive alloys)
Harmonic magnetic materials
Multi-resonant LC planar structures

.....In addition, for applications where it is only necessary to count the number of tags present in a zone or to know the relative position between tags, TagSense offers specific chipless RFID designs for counting and positioning applications.