Chipless Technologies

For applications that require ultra low-cost sensors or extreme temperatures, it is not possible to use a silicon chip in the RFID tag. For such applications, TagSense offers unique Chipless RFID tags where the RFID data is encoded in the electromagnetic response of material structures. A very simple example of this type of RFID are the electronic security labels that are commonly used in retail stores for anti-theft (known as Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS). Chipless RFID should not be confused with Printed RFID Tags that are comprised of printed transistors.
TagSense also offers wideband RFID readers that are used to scan the chipless RFID tags and read the information. These chipless RFID readers are also generally useful for a wide range of electromagnetic measurements and HF antenna characterization.


LC-10 Chipless RFID Reader

  • The LC-10 is a portable instrument that connects to the USB port of any computer. The LC-10 operates in the frequency range of 1-50 MHz, and is designed to detect and track up to 64 separate resonance peaks. This instrument can be used to find the resonance of a single tag or can be used to monitor a set of resonance peaks or chipless RFID tags. The LC-10 has many built-in functions and commands which allow the LC-10 to be used in a wide variety of testing, instrumentation, and inventory applications in addition to simply reading chipless RFID labels.

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