Active Tags

TagSense offers a variety of active RFID tags to meet many applications. All Tagsense Active RFID tags operate at 2.4 Ghz, which enables smaller tag size, smaller antennas, and better performance indoors. All tags employ the industry standard 802.15.4 protocol, which is most commonly used as the physical layer for Zigbee. Tagsense has developed a very flexible and powerful high-level command protocol that is designed to support RFID and mobile sensor applications.


ZT Link Ultra

  • 50 mW
  • The ZT-LINK-ULTRA is a higher power version of the standard ZT-LINK. This module is designed for embedded applications and includes a simple serial interface.

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ZT Link

  • 1 mW
  • The ZT-LINK is a low cost solution that brings any serial device onto Tagsense 802.15.4 network. Simply plugging your serial devices RX and TX line into the ZT-LINK RX and TX ports enables integration with all Tagsense ZR Active RFID Readers.

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ZT 500 Mini

  • ZT-500 mini– Higher power (50 mW) active RFID tag for embedded applications.



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ZT 500

  • Long range - over 1-mile range in open line of sight
  • 200 mW max power -- can be adusted by the user in real-time over the air
  • The ZT-500 has all te same features as the ZT-50, including multiple sensor inputs, data logging capability and user memory.
  • Two AA batteries provide up to 5-year battery life, depending on transmit settings


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ZT 50 Mini


  • ZT-50-MINI – Smaller size, general-purpose active RFID tag with sensor input and data logging capability.

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ZT 50


  • 1 mW
  • The ZT-50 set the standard 5 years ago when it was first released to the public. With a recent upgrade to a more efficient radio chip the ZT-50 continues to dominate the market in low power wireless sensor applications.

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