TagSense offers a wide variety of wireless modules to support most RFID applications. In addition to RFID reader modules and tags, TagSense also provides wireless components that enable integration with sensors to enable real-time monitoring as well as data logging.
Instead of buying technologies piecemeal from multiple vendors, TagSense offers a one-stop shop for building your RFID system. TagSense products are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other, thus enabling customers to quickly create a hybrid system and network architecture.
Our current product categories include:
AC-100 HF Readers – multi-protocol RFID readers operating in the HF band (13.56 MHz) for mobile and payment applications.
nano-uhf-v3-7-top-small UHF Readers – medium to low-power RFID readers operating in the UHF band (850-960 MHz)
Semi-passive Tags – Battery-assisted tags available at both HF and UHF frequencies.
ZT-500-small Active RFID Tags – Battery-powered tags with sensor capability using the industry standard IEEE802.15.4 protocol.


Active RFID Readers – A variety of embedded and networked readers for use with Active RFID tags.
nfc-board-with-phone-small NFC Technologies - TagSense provides tag labels and sensors that are designed to communicate with NFC-enabled mobile phones and HF Readers
LC-10 Chipless Technologies – TagSense provides a variety of unique chipless sensor solutions.
Antenna-Four-Front Antennas – A variety of near-field and far-field antenna solutions for integrating with TagSense readers.
MUX-16_front Multiplexers – Devices for connecting many antennas to a single reader.
panhub Bluetooth – Radio modules and devices for integration with mobile phones.
Wi-Fi – Wireless building blocks used for integration with common WLAN networks.
sensor-2 Sensors – Custom designed sensor solutions designed to work with our RFID modules
Chipless Technologies – TagSense provides a variety of unique chipless sensor solutions.