BlueReader HF

HF Readers

The BlueReader HF is a compact, affordable,
handheld HF RFID reader.
hand The BlueReader HF is a compact, affordable,handheld HF RFID reader.

  • Bluetooth wireless link for easy integration with mobile phones.
  • Bluereader contains a USB interface and high-capacity memory card that also enables it to be used as a stand-alone reader.
  • BlueReader supports the industry standard ISO15693 protocol. However, the ISO14443 protocol (NFC) is available as a customization.
  • An open Bluetooth API is available from TagSense for easy integration to other software.
  • The BlueReader Mobile application is available for free for the Android phone OS.
  • Simple 1-button operation for scanning
  • Includes on board memory storage for storing tag IDs. (this can be used to store sensor data for custom applications)
  • Bluetooth is included, which supports serial port profile (SPP) for easy integration with user software.
  • The TagSense command protocol is simple ASC text (instead of binary) which makes development and programming very simple and easy to test.
  • Built-in LCD display for portability
  • Built-in long-life rechargable battery (>20,000 reads per charge)
  • 3-5cm read range (depending on the size of the tag)


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