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TagSense has over 10 years experience integrating sensor capability into RFID. TagSense provides a variety of sensors that can be used with TagSense radio modules. In addition to standard environmental sensors (light, temperature, acceleration), TagSense provides custom sensor circuits that have been developed for specific applications including:

  • Proximity Sensors: TagSense has developed electromagnetic sensors that enable the passive detection of nearby objects, hands or metal surfaces.
  • Biosensors: TagSense offers custom sensor modules that provide physiology monitoring for a wide variety of applications, including mobile health, prisons, soldier monitoring, audience measurement, and fire&rescue.
  • Tamper Detection: A variety of sensor solutions are available for ensuring the integrity and security of a package or object. Tamper detection sensors can be used to detect if a seal has been broken or if a package, box, or container has been opened.
  • Strain Gauges: Measuring stress and strain are often used for physical structure monitoring. A wireless low-power strain gauge circuit module is available for interfacing to standard strain gauges.